A Barjeel is a traditional desert house in the Emirates that is designed to provide a cool and comfortable living environment in the hot and arid desert climate. Its most distinctive feature is the wind tower, or “barjeel,” which is a tall structure located on the roof of the house. The wind tower catches the prevailing winds and funnels them down into the living spaces below, providing a natural form of air conditioning.

The house is designed around a central courtyard or “sahn,” which is surrounded by rooms and shaded passageways that help to create a microclimate inside the house. The courtyard provides an outdoor space for relaxation and socializing, and also serves as a source of natural light and ventilation for the interior rooms.

The thick walls of the Barjeel are made of mud brick or stone, and the small windows are designed to minimize heat gain. Decorative elements such as geometric patterns and calligraphy are often incorporated into the design.

Overall, the Barjeel with a courtyard is a unique example of vernacular architecture that has evolved to suit the harsh desert environment, and it continues to inspire contemporary architecture and design in the Emirates.