The Bold Journey of Philip Morris International

ESG investing has emerged as the fastest-growing segment of the asset management industry, encompassing a spectrum of investment strategies. These range from the negative screening of sectors like tobacco and fossil fuels to positive screening of sectors like clean energy and initiatives promoting social or environmental change.

Beyond Policy and Politics

In a recent event at the George Mason University, Professor Peter J. Boettke engaged in a dialogue revolving around the ideas of F.A. von Hayek, a champion of free-market capitalism. Also, concerns are rising about the EU’s climate policy, which is seen as potentially harmful to the wealth of EU citizens due to its prohibitions and regulations.

Tokenized Treasury Bonds

Tokenization is transforming the landscape of investment. It drives financial inclusion by making asset classes like treasury bonds accessible to the masses. Moreover, the promise of enhanced liquidity, lower costs, and higher efficiency make tokenized treasury bonds a highly appealing option for both novice and seasoned investors.

The Future of Crypto Transactions

Bitcoin Payments App Strike’s Unprecedented Expansion The Bitcoin-focused payments firm Strike will expand its app to more than 65 countries from the current U.S., El Salvador, and Argentina base. Strike CEO Jack Mallers made the announcement on Friday at the Bitcoin 2023 conference in Miami Beach, Florida. The Strike app uses Bitcoin and Lightning –…

Decoding the Significance of the G7 in Japan!

The ongoing war in Ukraine was a central topic, with the G7 aiming to show unity and support for Ukraine. This included discussions about providing more weapons, political support, and financial assistance to Ukraine, intensifying sanctions on Russia, and forcing countries that help Russia circumvent sanctions to comply with them. However, there were differences in the G7 countries’ approaches to issues such as negotiation strategies, China’s role, and whether to ban exports to Russia​.

Outlook for Q2-2023

As we head into the second half of 2023, the global economy is on a slow recovery path, navigating uncertainties of high inflation and ongoing pandemic effects. Advanced economies are showing resilience, buoyed by China’s late-2022 reopening, leading to a 2.5% predicted global GDP growth this year. The US and Eurozone economies maintain momentum despite…

The US Debt Ceiling

The Intricacies of the US Debt Ceiling 18 May 2023 – In the realm of economic policy and financial governance, few topics generate as much debate and misunderstanding as the US debt ceiling. It’s a term that invokes fear, confusion, and trepidation among many. However, to navigate the complexities of this concept, it’s crucial to…

Indian Authorities Empowering Crypto

Indian Authorities Empowering Crypto, Restoring Access to UPI 18 May 2023. In a major shift in policy, Indian authorities have greenlit the reintroduction of Unified Payments Interface (UPI) services for cryptocurrency exchanges. This decision made public on Wednesday, is seen as a significant boost for the country’s growing crypto industry. The UPI is a real-time…

Viralité économique

l’âge des memes est arrivé ! Le monde économique est en constante évolution, et la viralité économique est un phénomène récent qui ne cesse de prendre de l’ampleur. En effet, depuis quelques années, les memes ont envahi internet et sont devenus un véritable levier économique. Les entreprises ont compris leur importance et ont commencé à…